Mahad’ad-Dawa Institute

Aim of MDI

A madrassah education is a valuable education, reaping enormous benefits for those who go through the madrassah system. It builds character and diligence, breeds morality and engenders piety. It is akin to what is known in the West as a classical education, albeit with a more purely religious tilt. One thing a madrassah education does not do, however, is prepare students for a life of service in a range of professions in the public sphere. MDI seeks to add this all-important ingredient to a traditional madrassah education, orientating and equipping students to become involved in the modern mainstream, in the process raising moral, spiritual and professional standards in every walk of life.

In Kandahar, one young man introduced himself to the Head of MDI. ‘I am your student.’ He had studied at MDI in Jalalabad, in eastern Afghanistan, before it was a purely online facility. ‘I am now working in the Information Counselling and Legal Advice section of one humanitarian organisation’ – he mentioned the name of one leading international NGO.  His study at MDI – along with his solid madrassah education – had equipped him for service in the humanitarian field.