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MDI imparts professional and contextual education to graduates of religious madrassahs. The aim of MDI courses is to motivate and equip madrassah graduates to work in a range of modern professions. In so doing, not only are they making an invaluable contribution in every walk of life: they are also making a respectable and independent living for themselves.

Aim of MDI

A madrassah education is a valuable education, reaping enormous benefits for those who go through the madrassah system. It builds character and diligence, breeds morality and engenders piety. It is akin to what is known in the West as a classical education, albeit with a more purely religious tilt. One thing a madrassah education does not do, however, is prepare students for a life of service in a range of professions in the public sphere. MDI seeks to add this all-important ingredient to a traditional madrassah education, orientating and equipping students to become involved in the modern mainstream, in the process raising moral, spiritual and professional standards in every walk of life.

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Mahad’ad-Dawa Institute  depends on the support of the local community, both inside Afghanistan and among the international community abroad.

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