Mahad’ad-Dawa Institute


Journalism and Mass Communication: 

In accordance with the academic background of madrassah students, the Mahad’ad-Dawa Institute specializes in “traditional” as opposed to “conventional” media. Like its parent organization PACT Radio, the Institute seeks to develop a needs-based media culture around traditional values.

There is a general belief that journalism is a profession pursued by university graduates, not by people who studied in madrassahs. The Mahad’ad-Dawa Institute believes exactly the opposite: that madrassah graduates are best equipped to pursue a career in journalism.

The Institute – along with its sister organization PACT Radio which was responsible for the foundation of the Institute  – considers the high standard of authentication of stories (rawayat) and news (hadith) set by those who collected the Traditions of the Holy Prophet to be a perfect model for good journalism. More than anyone else, Islamic scholars are able to put this model into practice in the modern age. Along with this, the great Islamic traditions of peace-making and consensus are the perfect model for a new brand of journalism, which is oriented towards constructive and conciliatory ends, as opposed to perpetrating violence by the very act of publicizing it.

The Institute has introduced a alternative approach to journalism – one based on traditional values. Three modules of this traditional media are taught in the Institute:

1. Traditional and Conventional Media

2. Storytelling in a contemporary context

3. Modern Journalism based on Principles of Classical Islamic Scholarship.
In addition, the Institute gives students a good grounding in all the conventional modes of electronic and print media:

1. Traditional Media

2. Electronic and print media

3. Media ethics

4. Film, radio, video and TV production

5. Convergent journalism