Mahad’ad-Dawa Institute

Business Studies

Besides concentrating on conventional aspects of business management and administration, the two-year Business Studies course in the Mahad’ad-Dawa Institute looks at topics which are of particular interest to students from a madrassah background – and also of increasing relevance in the modern world: Islamic business ethics, the basis of a debt and interest-free Islamic economic system and Islamic banking. Currently, MDI is recruiting teachers and fine-tuning its Business and Economic Studies course, so that this two-year course may become operative in the near future

Business studies:

Commerce and business have always been occupations favoured by Muslims, seeing that the Holy Prophet himself practiced trade, as did his uncle and wife Khadijah. In many parts of the world, the spread of Islam was down to the efforts of Muslim traders. Engaging in trade allows Muslim scholars to travel to various parts of the globe, where they can constructively engage in Islamic outreach and, by practicing a high degree of honesty, integrity and good character in their dealings, can give a practical demonstration of a true Islamic lifestyle:

  • Basic accounting
  • Business partnership
  • Basic principles of business
  • Business management
  • Basic accounting