Mahad’ad-Dawa Institute

Radio Workshop

Radio workshop at Mahad’ad-Dawa Institute (Islamic Vocational Academy)

The Journalism and Mass Communication Department of the Islamic Vocational Academy is currently thriving by virtue of its partnership with Da SabaStoray Radio in Jalalabad. At present, 14 students from the Department – along with pursuing their studies in the Islamic etoro Vocational Academy – are also doing internships in Da Saba Storay Radio, working as reporters and even producers in the radio station. This is giving the students invaluable work experience, as well as providing Da Saba Storay with devoted, energetic and dynamic personnel.

In order to motivate and prepare even more students from the Journalism and Mass Communication Department for work in Da Saba Storay Radio, the Live Radio co-ordinator of Da Saba Storay Radio Sayed Ibadullah Sadiq put on a two-hour workshop in the Islamic Academy.

The workshop covered the whole range of Da Saba Storay Radio’s Live and pre-recorded, magazine, topical, religious, talkback and cultural programmes. It went into the unique PACT Radio approach, on which the work of Da Saba Storay Radio and the Islamic Academy is founded: traditional needs-based media, seeing issues from people’s perspective and involving them in a constructive dialogue on what is to be learnt from events, and how issues can be peacefully and satisfactorily resolved.

As Da Saba Storay Radio works towards its target of round-the-clock, 24-hour transmission, so it will be in a position to take on more interns from the Islamic Academy. Da Saba Storay Radio is also looking to induct interns from the Business Studies Department of the Islamic Academy, on the marketing side of the radio full The Shack 2017 movie

One of the main problems facing graduates of higher-learning institutes in Afghanistan is that of finding suitable employment. Da Saba Storay Radio promises to fulfill this need, as far as a substantial proportion of graduates of the Academy are concerned.