Thursday , September 10 2020
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Virtual Madrasa

MDI exists, not in the real, but in the virtual world. In other words, the lessons of MDI are communicated to students, not in the conventional classroom environment, but online.

An MDI student takes in his latest lesson

In fact, not only classes, but everything related to MDI – admission, examinations, graduation certificate – is distributed online.

Every lesson is uploaded, in both summarised, written form, and in audio format, to both the MDI website and to the MDI Facebook page. From there, students are able to download every lesson to their mobile phone or computer. There are several advantages to this online teaching method. For example:

  • It enables students to study at MDI while also pursuing other activities. Even students who are studying in another, conventional institution, can simultaneously pursue studies in MDI. It also gives female students, who might prefer to study at home, a chance to pursue their studies in a home environment.
  • It enables students to study at MDI wherever they may be based geographically: there is no need for them to be close to any teaching centre.
  • It enables students to become practically acquainted with ICT – a big need of the day.

Monitoring of students’ progress is all the more important in the virtual madrasa, online teaching model. This is done through regular testing of students.

Currently, all lessons are available, in both summarised written form and in audio format, in Pashto, English and Dari (Farsi).