Monday , September 28 2020
کور / Online Admission

Online Admission

Everything related to MDI – admission, teaching, examinations, graduation certificate – is online. If you are a senior madrasa student or graduate and are interested in acquiring admission in MDI, please fill in and submit the admission form below:


Admission form

  • If available, not compulsory
  • if undergraduate, please attach justification letter.
  • NameJobMobile Number 
    •Every MDI student should have a Facebook account, since lessons are sent to students via Facebook.__ •MDI has three professional departments - Journalism and Mass Communication, Business Studies and Traditional Herbal Medicine (Unani Tibb), but at present, only the Journalism and Mass Communication department is active, so currently all students should seek admission in the Journalism and Mass Communication department. Later, when the Business Studies and Unani Tibb departments become active, students may switch to the department of their choice.
    Admission forms should be filled in and submitted online. No other method of submission will be considered.