Mahad’ad-Dawa Institute

The Institute

Mahad'ad-Dawa's temporary location in the centre of JalalabadMahad'ad-Dawa's temporary location in the centre of Jalalabad

The Mahad’ad-Dawa Institute has been established to address a twin need: on the one hand, the need for an Institute inside Afghanistan, so that students of Islam are not forced to travel abroad to complete their studies, and the other, the need to provide Islamic scholars with a more contemporary outlook, so that they are able to serve their religion and society in the context of the age in which they live. In the process, through vocational training, the Institute seeks to make a host of mainstream careers available to Islamic scholars.


Over the last century or so, Afghanistan has served as a catchment area for religious seminaries in India and, since 1947, Pakistan. There has been little development of religious education institutes in Afghanistan itself.


The central campus of the Mahad’ad-Dawa Institute is in Jalalabad, in eastern Afghanistan. The institute  administration is in negotiations with relevant authorities for the institute to eventually occupy a building which has been identified on


The Mahad’ad-Dawa Institute was founded by former BBC journalist and broadcaster John Butt. During the reign of King Zahir Shah, John Butt came to Afghanistan and settled in the cross-border regions. He accepted Islam in