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A Dynamic Partnership

The Islamic Academy and Da Saba Storay Radio turns into a dynamic partnership

Since Da Saba Storay Radio was launched by PACT Radio in Jalalabad, the impact on the Islamic Vocational Academy has been considerable.

On the one hand, the radio station provides publicity for the Islamic Academy, informing the local population about dates of examination and entrance into the Academy. The radio station also raises awareness and garners support among the local population with regard to the aims and activities of the Islamic Academy.

For its own part, Da Saba Storay Radio provides an invaluable forum, where students of the Journalism and Mass Communication Department of the Islamic Academy can do internships, and quickly gain work experience. Already, 14 students of the Journalism and Mass Communication Department of the Islamic Vocational Academy are doing internships in Da Saba Storay Radio.

These interns are for the most part doing reporting, but some of them have even risen to become producers with Da Saba Storay Radio. Da Saba Storay Radio co-ordinator Sayed Ibadullah Sadiq has this to say on the contribution of Islamic Academy interns to the work of Da Saba Storay Radio: “Since these interns have already learned the traditional, needs-based journalism approach in the Islamic Academy, they do not need fresh training.”

One of the several programmes that is being produced by an Islamic Academy intern is the Seerat programme, part of the religious programme output of Da Saba Storay Radio.  The producer of this programme, Qari Safiullah, is a second semester student of the Journalism and 外汇交易平台 Mass Communication department of the Islamic Academy. He expresses his satisfaction that “after a very short time working in the radio station, I have been able to become a producer. I am really pleased to be able to serve both my country and my religion in this way.”

Journalism and broadcasting is a practical profession, learned not in the classroom but hands-on, in the arena of action. As Sayed Ibadullah says, “Da Saba Storay Radio has been able to give students the opportunity to immediately put the principles of journalism – learned in the Islamic Academy – into practice.”